Policies & Compliance


The home provides for 52 week care with facilities to provide access to activities such as community involvement, on site undertakings and even employment opportunities. We advertise our service widely and reflect the diversity of our society in our publicity and promotional materials.


When a date for admission is agreed an induction programme is created as appropriate to the individual’s particular needs and requirements. A guide around the home will be provided. Visits by the potential young person with other relevant adults and carers are encouraged and information is exchanged in the form of a pre-admission assessment relating to the skills, likes, dislikes and individual characteristics of the person. A Key Worker will be allocated to collate relevant information and help with the organisation of the bedroom and any special requirements they may have on admission. The information gained from the assessment visit and from contact by Lakeside staff with the person will form the basis for the on-going Care Plan and be contained within the individual's file.

Exclusion Policy

Residents are only placed at Lakeside @ Our Place after due consideration of the information presented. This information, taken alongside it's own assessments, must identify that the Lakeside @ Our Place can meet the identified needs of the person both socially and in the context of their life experience. Exclusion would only be used when personal planning with the placing authority and carer has failed to achieve a constructive transition.

Care Policies

Maintaining Contact

Every effort will be made by the Lakeside @ Our Place to maintain contact with relevant personal contacts. All family members, social workers and carers will be kept up to date with progress through regular reports. We welcome regular letters and photos from friends and family members so that residents can keep up to date with what is happening at home. Each resident will have their own private postal address so that, to the outside world, they will not be seen as living in a care home. The Key Worker will be available for phone calls at times convenient to both sides, and protected time can be made available for contact to be made.

Ofsted registration

Ofsted Registration No URN 2553111